Hi there! Glad you found me. Some of you may know that my life is no bed of roses but in amidst the tragedy there are truly beautiful moments. I've wanted to make the best of those moments for so long, and to help me I've decided to journey back and explore what makes me feel, think and behave the way I do. Hopefully I'll begin to understand more about me and begin to find more peace

This isn't a challenge blog but if you fancy joining me on my journaling journey, I'll leave a linky so you can post your thoughts.

Here's wishing you special moments in time

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


It's been a period of deep introspection for me of late, a few life changing experiences and the need to make many changes, reinventing myself really. I lost myself amongst the grief and loss of a lifetime and am just beginning to find my way again. 

Part of the journey has been re engaging with the activities which give me peace, and of course journaling is high on the list there. 

Many moons ago I came across a number of photos in a Sunday supplement, I think they were photos of people who had survived internment in a Russian Goolag, in any case their faces said so much of life, of pain and loss that I knew I would use the images some day. I guess that day has come. I used the techniques I learned at the weekend workshop by the lovely Kassa Hazelden and initially used one of the images on a canvas

As always put too much paint on my palate so decided to do a journal page too

The sentiment seems so appropriate at the moment, not that I'm wallowing in the loss but acknowledging it so I can move forward. Seems I've been still for too long.

Loving this colour combo sort of duck egg blue and mustard, the photo doesn't do the paint colour justice.

Anyway guys I've burnt the midnight oil long enough so gonna try to sleep a while now.
See ya
X Michelle

Friday, 18 August 2017

Now for a cuppa!

Back in the swing now, enjoying all sorts of craftiness, including a little journaling. 

Loved the picture found in a magazine eons ago and have been waiting for the inspiration to journal with it. 

I don't know if you've figured that I'm in the process of reinventing myself after the trauma if the last few years, a lot of which involves some pretty hard self inspection so when I saw this quote in yet another mag somewhere it was just plain perfect! 

Thus another page is born!

Why have I refused to allow myself the pleasure of creating?
Hope you're having a lovely day 
Michelle x