Hi there! Glad you found me. Some of you may know that my life is no bed of roses but in amidst the tragedy there are truly beautiful moments. I've wanted to make the best of those moments for so long, and to help me I've decided to journey back and explore what makes me feel, think and behave the way I do. Hopefully I'll begin to understand more about me and begin to find more peace

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Dancing the Dance

Not too pleased with this one but it serves it's purpose, to remind me never to dance the dance I've been playing lately, the one where you manoeuvre and manipulate to get what you think you want, where you constantly look for injustice and unfairness in others instead of recognising it in yourself.

I know I've been very ill but this is a bitter pill to swallow, I thought I'd laid these behaviours to rest so many years ago. Shrink says that post traumatic stress can fling us back to coping mechanisms developed in childhood but I still feel I should have recognised what was happening and done something about it before it got this far.

I must try to dance a happy dance!
Night all
X Michelle


Unknown said...

Morning Michelle, my dear dear friend, I hope that Today is a much more positive one for you! Love this Journal Page hun, love and hugs forever, your wee Scottish Friend xxx

Virginia said...

But you know now and knowing is the way to making changes and achieving and hopefully recognising issues in future. I love the colours of the page too hun, hope your day has some sunshine in it.

Much love

Linda Simpson said...

Morning Michelle, beautiful journal page. As Virginia has already said by knowing is a step towards making changes and recognising the issues in the future. I will be doing a happy dance for you.

Linda xxxxx